ATS Pakistan provides Roadside Emergency Management Services to Oil Marketing Companies, Carriage Contractors of Petroleum Products, Oil Refineries, Non-Hazardous Goods Logistics Companies. e.g. Fertilizer, Cement etc. Goods Transport Companies, Importers and Exporters, etc.

Our Prominent customers include Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Shell Pakistan, Total Parco, Gas & Oil Pakistan, Shaheen Freight services. Rash Pvt. Ltd, Tri-Star, Ali & Co., Three Star, Badshah Transport, Fakhr-e-Khoshab Transport, Rana Ent, J-Holding, Sanghi Transport, Fairways CC, Al-Saudia Transport, Ibrahim OIl Company, Faqir Zada Ent, NH&MP, Rescue 1122, Karachi Oil Trading Company, Hazara Khan Ent, Hamyun LogisticsĀ  etc.

Safety and Customer satisfaction are our first priority. Contact us for detailed references so that you can contact them to know about our services and customer satisfaction.