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A fire suppression system is used to suppress the fire. A fire suppression system is also used to control the fire from spreading over a large area. This system gets an activation signal from a heat or smoke detector. Instead of water, it uses dry chemicals, foam, and various gases as a fire extinguishing agent. Fire suppression system includes many protecting components such as detectors, alarm, and extinguishing agent. The fire suppression system uses chemical, foam, and other types of gases as an extinguishing agent. It does not use water as an extinguishing agent because water can cause damage to some electronic equipment. Some facilities such as manufacturers of semiconductors or businesses that deal with oil and gas require a fire suppression system for extinguishing the fire.

A fire suppression system is crucial for every kind of premises because a fire suppression system prevent the destruction caused by the death of people. This system warns people about fire hazards and gives them signals to leave the premises. A fire suppression system has application in areas where there is a risk that fire will spread over a huge area. This system uses a gaseous and clean extinguishing agent to minimize the risk and quick cleanup so that the business operations can run quickly after a fire disaster.

A fire suppression system is used in many facilities. Such as :

  • Museum.
  • Hospitals and Health care unit.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing units.
  • Chemical Storage.
  • Oil industries.

Components of Fire Suppression System

It is important to understand the different components of the fire suppression system. A Fire Suppression System uses various components that work together or the effective working of the fire suppression system. The effective operation of the fire suppression system depends on the coordination of all these components.

1. Fire Alarm Panel:

The Fire alarm panel is the central and most essential component of the fire suppression system. Fire alarm systems keep track of every connected component and transfer information between different components.

2. Initiating Device:

Fire suppression system uses two types of initiating devices.
Manual initiating device.

(2a). Manual initiating device:

The manual devices need one person who can activate the fire suppression system after detecting the fire. Manual initiating devices are also used in places where extinguishers are visible.

(2b). Automatic initiating device:

Automatic initiating devices automatically activates the fire suppressor system when it detects any changes in the surrounding with the help of heat and sound detectors.

3. Primary Power Supply:

The primary power supply is that component of the fire suppressor system that supplies the power to the system. Power is supplied by batteries, generators, or another type of power providing devices.

4. Secondary Power Supply:

This is the peripheral power source. A secondary power source will supply power to the system if the primary power supply fails because of any problem. A secondary power supply is essential for the continuous working of the fire suppression system even if the main power source goes down.

5. Notification Appliances:

These appliances are the stimuli devices that alert people about something wrong happening in the surrounding. They are audio devices, fire alarms, or searchlights that warn people about fire hazards on the premises.

What Chemical is used in the Fire Suppression System?

The fire suppression System utilizes different chemicals for extinguishing the fire. It includes different gases, dry chemicals, and foam as an extinguishing agent.


CO2 is a very effective and most popular fire extinguishing agent. It has a very high density and when thrown over the fire it cuts down the supply of oxygen and helps on smothering the fire. When all the oxygen has been removed from the air can provide harm to the people that is why it is only used for data rooms, semiconductors manufacturer.


The fire suppression system also used FM-200 as an extinguishing agent. This is a clean agent fire suppression. It uses hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to suppress the fires. The HFCs have low ozone depletion potential and due to this is safe for the environment. This fire extinguisher suppresses the fire caused by combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid in a very quick manner.

NOVEC 1230:

This agent is a member of the halocarbon family. It is stored as fluid and vaporized when we discharge it. It has a cooling effect and effectively extinguishes the fire. This is safe to use in human-occupied places.


The fire suppression system uses foam to extinguish the fire. Foam covers the flames with a thick blanket of foam to suppress the flames. Due to the layer of foam, it cuts the supply of oxygen and cools down the flames. The water droplets in the foam cool down the burning substance and have a smothering effect over the fire.

How Does Fire Suppression System Work?

To prevent the fire from further spreading and to minimize the risk it used gaseous and other chemicals as an extinguishing agent.

When the heat is detected by the smoke or heat detectors, these detectors sent the electronics signals to the control unit which will discharge the extinguishing clean agent through the cylinders and pipes. The control system of the clean agent sent signals to the valves to discharge the extinguishing agent only on the hazardous area.

When the clean agent arrives at its destination place, the nozzles will open and the agent is directed over the fire. When the clean agent floods the room it cuts off the supply of oxygen and prevents fire from spreading over the large area. The fire suppression system is a saver for the lives and assets of the premises

Types of Fire Suppression System

As I have mentioned earlier different types of extinguishing agents. The fire suppression system is divided into various types based on the extinguishing agent used in it. These include:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression system:

CO2 fire suppression system is very effective in smothering the fire. This system used a CO2 gas suppressing agent. CO2 gas has a very high density and is very good for extinguishing a fire. Because CO2 gas is dangerous for human life so that why it is suitable to use in areas where there are few personnel. It is used in industries or data rooms etc.

1. Dry Chemical Fire Suppression system:

The dry chemical system uses dry chemical powder as a firefighting agent. This system discharges dry chemical powder on the fire to suppress it. It uses Sodium bicarbonate and mono-ammonium phosphate for suppressing the fire. This system includes a tank that is filled with dry powder and pressurized. When the system gets activation signals from the detectors it discharges high-pressure nitrogen through nozzles. We use it in furnace rooms, flammable liquid storage areas, and mechanical rooms.

2. Wet Chemical Fire Suppression system:

A wet chemical fire suppression system uses a liquid substance that, when sprayed onto the fire, immediately cools down the flames. It is very effective due to its immediate action to suppress the fire. When the liquid built contact with the oils and fats it reacts to produce foam, cooling down the affected area and preventing the fire from resignation. It is suitable to use in commercial settings and kitchens.

3. Clean Agent Fire Suppression system:

A clean agent fire suppression system uses inert gases and chemical agents to suppress a fire. It includes a cylinder containing a clean agent (such as FM-200 or CO2). It leaves no residue and is ideal to use in sensitive areas such as museums, libraries, computer or server rooms, etc.

Fire Suppression System Installation

Great care is requiring the installation of a fire suppression system. It includes a cylinder of the clean agent. The cylinders require protection. The service providing company connects nozzles through a network of pipes in the whole premises. The network of pipes is connected to the nozzles with someplace between each pipe.

It also includes detectors and fire alarms. When the detectors detect the fire it activates the system and then the valve is opened for discharging the agent over the fire.

Fire Suppression System Supplies

AKRONEX 227 Clean Agent Fire Suppressions Systems:

It is an automatic system that extinguishes the fire by using a clean agent. This system protects all the equipment of the area where fire hazards occur. Because this system leaves no residue and is non-conductive and provides no harm to the operating object it has high demand in the market.

Akronex Inert Fire Suppression Systems:

This system uses inert gases as a fire suppressing agent. It blocks the supply of oxygen and the absence of oxygen will put the smothering effect on the fire and prevent the damages that may be caused by fire. It provides no harm to electronic equipment.

Akronex Co2 Fire Extinguisher System:

This system uses CO2 gas as an extinguishing agent. This gas has a very high density. CO2 gas creates a barrier between fire and air by cutting off the supply of oxygen. Due to its freezing temperature gives the cooling effect on the burning material. It is filled with pure non-flammable carbon dioxide gas. Pure carbon dioxide gas is a clean extinguisher and leaves zero residues. This system is very reliable and efficient.

AKRONEX Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems:

This system automatically detects the fire. We can also activate the system manually. Because this system uses a pH formula through which it extinguishes the fire and stops resignation. It uses a steel cylinder which includes the agent. This system also provides visual control. It uses visual signals for the activation.

FM200 fire Tube Suppression System:

FM200 fire Tube Suppression System uses a small quantity of agent to suppress the fire. It uses less cylinder and thus saves the space for storage of cylinder and can suppress the fire in less than 10 sec. It also requires less maintenance cost.

Fire Suppression System Price in Pakistan

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