Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exit Doors

A Fire Exit door is a special type of door which provides a special exit route if the fire breaks out and is used for protecting life in the event of a fire-related emergency because fires can result in a much greater loss of life. It is also referred to as a fire escape door and emergency exit door. Many fire disasters can be avoided if the building has fire exit doors. It provides an alternative route for quick evacuation if the regular exit route is blocked because of fire. Fire Exit Door provides evacuation to the place where people can save their life. Fire exit doors are usually left open and if not then they should be opened easily. Because in an emergency people get panic and lost their sense so that is why these doors should be easy to use so that they can give quick evacuation.

The purpose of the fire door is to provide instant and unobstructed evacuation to the people. A fire exit door is a kind of external door which is installed to save the lives of millions of people from massive destruction. The fire exit door can be used as a regular door to provide easy accessibility to the door in case of a fire disaster. 

The fire exit door should be installed in an easily accessible, un-hindered, and permanent location. It is designed to perform flawlessly in any fire hazardous situation. Fire exit doors should be well-lit People with normal vision can see along the exit route. A fire exit door should be marked by the sign “EXIT”. It must be installed in the area through which it can take people to in the event of any emergency. It should be maintained and managed properly. The effectiveness of a fire door and the type required depends on its location in the building, and the type of fire hazards surrounding it. 

They are commonly used and are an essential component of any building. They are used in many different kinds of buildings such as:

  1. Educational Institutes.
  2. Commercial Buildings. 
  3. Industries. 
  4. Offices. 
  5. Hotels.
  6. Data Centers. 

Design of the Fire Exit Door

Fire exit doors are provided a rating for fire-resistance. They are made from a combination of steel, glass, aluminum, and timber. There must be no gaps between the wall and door. If there is a gap between the door and wall, then this gap should be filled with a fire-resistant material. 

The width of the door varies according to the requirement of the building. The minimum width for the new building is 36 inches and for the existing building is 28 inches. 

Fire Doors are come up with the following accessories.


Doors are supplied with 304 double ball-bearing hinges of stainless steel. And the size of the hinges is 103x76x3mm. the screw of 6 mm diameter is given for the assembly of door leaf and door frames.

Panic Bar:

Doors are also providing with Panic Exit Device from inside of doors. No key is required for opening the door. In case if the fire breaks out the door can be easily opened.

Panic Bar:

A Trim bar is also given with exit doors. The Trim bar is just like the lock with a handle. When we have to open the door from outside we can open the door by using this.

Door Closer: 

Doors are provided with a fire-resistant hydraulic door closer. Its capacity is 60-80 kg weight of door leaf fire resistant.

Door Stopper:

Doors are supplied with a door stopper which helps in stopping the door from closing. The door stopper has two-point rubber balls at the bottom.

Glass View Panel

The doors must have a fire-resistant glass panel. The size of the glass panel is 300×300 mm. With the help of a metallic frame, glass is fixed on both faces of the door. A rubber ring is used to grip the glass.

Smoke seal:

A smoke seal is a seal made of rubber that is used to block the spread of smoke to the area of evacuation.

Drop bottom seal:

Automatic drop bottom seals may be provided to close gape at the floor. It automatically works for opening and closing of the door.

Flush bolt: 

All double doors must be provided with Flush type tower bolt.

Types of Fire Exit Door

The fire exit door is the requirement of any building. It comes in various types.

Glass Fire Exit Doors:

This looks strange that glass can be used in the manufacturing of the fire exit door. But yes it is possible because of overgrowing technology. Glass fire exit doors are made from glass but they should be fire-resistant glass. Only the type of glass that has passed the fire tests is used in its manufacturing. This glass fire door can withstand a temperature of up to 1600°F. they are used in hospitals and offices. 

Timber Fire Exit Door:

The material used in the manufacturing of such a type of door is timber. The timber used in its manufacturing has to pass certain fire tests. During testing, it tests the stability and integrity of the material to withstand the temperature inor heat. 

Wood Fire Exit Door:

It is made from metal and wood and the wood is then polished with powder to give it a refined look. They are available in two colors red and brown. It is constructed from very strong and high-quality material. They are fixed with stainless steel ball-bearing hinges. It is ideal to use in malls and museums. 

Advantages of Fire Exit Doors

Exit doors prevent many disasters and have many advantages. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  1. These doors protect residential and working places from fire disasters.
  2. They facilitate the safe and quick evacuation of occupants.
  3. Fire escape door compartmentalize the building into different fire-safe areas or specific evacuation areas.
  4. You can put your employees and other important assets of your company in this fire-safe area as a holding area during an evacuation.
  5. It also avoids the panic situation because when people know that there is a safe evacuation route so if any disaster happens people will feel relaxed that there is a safe evacuation route.

Installing a Fire Exit Door

There are various points that you need to keep in mind while installing a fire escape door. only a professional and highly skilled person is required for installing it as per the specifications approved by the fire department for the door to perform to its maximum effectiveness

As part of our continuous strive for innovation, Universal Fire Protection has launched its world-class fire-resisting doors and frames operation. The fire doors and frames are manufactured in a totally automated plant that employs computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines and thus ensures uniform quality and superb finish.

Universal Fire Protection fire doors are manufactured to comply with various architectural requirements. Universal Fire Protection’s fire-rated doors are made of Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel.

These emergency exit doors are designed for areas where strength, stability, and durability are priorities. Typical applications include entrances to industrial premises, shops service doors, basements, stairs wells, and elevator shafts. It is also widely used as dividing or external doors in electrical and petrochemical plants.

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