A Fire Fighting Pump is a divergent pump and provides pressure for a water supply system which is used to extinguish huge fires. Firefighting pumps play a very crucial role in firefighting because it is the first response to a fire situation. It can save countless lives and property from destruction. The pump supplies water flow at extreme pressure. The high-pressure water will efficiently suppress the fire. A Fire Fighting Pump is part of a fire protection system’s water supply. It can also be the part of a firefighting vehicle or it can be the component of other fire safety devices like fire sprinkler system and fire hydrant system.

The Fire Fighting Pump is the source of water supply for the fire sprinkler system. The power supply for the Fire Fighting Pump can be either electric motors or a diesel engine. A Fire Fighting Pump will take water from the underground water source or lakes or water tanks. A Fire Fighting Pump is used for providing water to suppress the fire. The Fire Fighting Pump has to cover large land areas in the firefighting process so it is designed in such a way that it is easy to carry and move.

Fire Fighting Pump performs its operation on various locations such as:

  • It can take account of the requirements of the domestic water supply.
  • Best for industrial use.
  • It is used in municipal projects.
  • It is a water supply source for commercial facilities.
  • Can be used in rural areas where it can quickly control the fire until the fire station crew reached the place of disaster.

What does a Fire Fighting Pump consist of?

For the efficient operation of the Firefighting pump, it should consist of three major parts. 

(1) Water Storage Facility:

A fire pump is connected to a water storage facility which can be either an underground water supply or lake or water tank.

(2) Specialized Pumping System:

It works on a Hydraulic pumping system. This pumping system takes water from a tank or lake, enhances its pressure, and then discharges pressurized water through the pipes. 

(3) The network of Pipes:

It includes a network of pipes. These pipes will throw water on the fire for suppressing it.

Working of Firefighting Pump


Firefighting pumps are housed close to the fire storage facility. The height of the pump is should be at the level below the bottom of the tank, so that pump can utilize all the water from the tank. There must be an additional pump in the stand-by position so that in case of any failure of the main pump due to electric failure which is very common, the backup pump is ready to perform its operation. 

Firefighting pumps are connected to the pressure sensors. When firefighting detects a fire. The firefighter opens and then the pressure sensors detect the drop in pressure and the pump will activate and provides high pressurize water for smothering the fire.  


Types of Firefighting Pump

There are various types of fire pumps that are used for firefighting. Types of fire pumps include horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical in-line, vertical turbine, and end suction. The power source for these fire pumps by an electric motor or diesel engine.

These types are as following:

(1) Horizontal Split Case:

The horizontal split case is most commonly seen. It is user friendly. It does not require any maintenance. They are move able and can be connected to various firefighting equipment. they are available in many sizes. It can efficiently supply a large quantity of water. They are very reliable and durable which is why most firefighters prefer them. But this type of pump needs an external source of water supply.

(2) Vertical Split Case pump:

The working of vertical split case fire pumps is similar to the horizontal split case fire pumps. Their position is vertical. It decreases the risk of motor failure. They occupy less floor space. This feature is more beneficial especially for the business that does not have huge buildings. This pump also requires an external water supply source.

(3) Vertical In-Line pump:

Vertical in-line pumps are usually small in size. They are compact pumps than any other type of pump and requires less floor space. This is the best advantage for small premises. This type of pump requires maintenance and when maintenance is required the whole unit of the system has to be removed for maintenance. The service providing company install them in a vertical position. They provide a smooth flow of water through the system.

(4)  Vertical Turbine Pump:

A vertical turbine pump does not need a water source for providing pressure so, the water source for this type of pump is a tank or underground well. Before water is drawn from the tank. Water is forced to the top and then water is discharged when it is needed.

(5) End Suction Pump:

It is similar to the horizontal pump. This pump has nozzles on the contrary side of the packaging from the stuffing box. Just like the Vertical turbine pump, the water flowing through an End suction pump makes a 90° radial turn from suction to discharge.

(6) Excel Series Pump:


PUMPS Excel Series Standard Packages included a wide variety of Fire Pump Units start from 50 GPM size up to 1500 GPM, with a pressure range from 6 bars up to 12 bars. This wide range of Pumping & Head Characteristics has Made Excel Series suitable in various market sectors such as Government Buildings, Commercial and Residential Towers, Warehouses, Factories, etc.

(7) UL Listed Pump:

Universal Fire Protection offers listed Centrifugal Fire Pump Motors with our own Listed and Approved Centrifugal Fire Pumps to package Heavy Duty and High-Quality Compact Skids. Our Listed and Approved Fire Pumps can also be coupled with any other Listed Fire Pump Motos of any specific brand as per client requirement.

Firefighting Pumps Supplies in Pakistan

NAFFCO Firefighting Pump:

NAFFCO Fire pumps include controllers, pumps, drivers and other accessories fixed on a frame. This pump uses high-quality components so that its standard is in accordance with the requirements of NFPA. The service providing company will complete all the wiring task before delivering to the end-user. The automatic air release valve, casing relief valve, discharge gauge, and suction gauge are also part of the system. The power supply for this pump is on an Electric and Diesel motor. 

Advantages of Firefighting Pump

There are many advantages to having firefighting pumps. These areas are as following:

  • A Fire Fighting Pump is important for every business so that if the fire breaks out it can cool down the fire.
  • Fire pump provides water with extremely high pressure which helps in the efficient firefighting process.
  • Firefighting pumps also enhance the ability of much other firefighting equipment such as firefighting vehicles, fire sprinklers, or fire hydrant.

Buy Firefighting Pumps in Pakistan


Universal Fire Protection offers a wide range of fire pump systems from different fire fighting manufacturer companies that meet every fire protection need, to protect lives and properties throughout changing climatic conditions and weather events. SFFECO fire pumps also have been tested in the field so that it will perform perfectly and provides real value and reliability. SFFECO brings its technical expertise to the industry to improve fire protection systems globally.