Automobile Track Services (ATS) Pakistan provides “Roadside Emergency Management Services” to oil tank lorries transporting hazardous material. For example, petrol, diesel etc. Oil tank lorries incidents (e.g. rollover, collision, sideswipe, crash etc.) should be treated as an emergency because it impacts: public safety, public transport, asset safety, companies’ reputation and customer satisfaction.

After oil tank lorries incidents there is always a risk of oil leak and fire if the oil is not decanted in accordance with a safe procedure. Otherwise, the oil can catch fire, therefore, turning the accident site into a disaster. As a consequence, causing the loss of valuable assets, materials, causalities, and fatalities. In past, such incidents have occurred across the world and in Pakistan. Also, roadside breakdowns faced by oil tank lorries and goods transport shall be resolved on priority because the capital assets and high-value material cannot be left stranded at any remote locations due to safety and security concerns. Therefore, it is vitally important for all logistics companies to engage its operational fleet with ATS Pakistan by contacting us.